This Elephant Steals The Broom From This Zookeeper. Moments Later? This Is Not What I Expected!

Even though elephants enjoy playing in the mud, they are not quite satisfied with just a mud bath. After their relaxing time on a mud tub, they usually want to have a water shower or want their caretakers to clean them with a broom.

In this video, after their mud bath, a zookeeper approaches an elephant to clean him of the dust. He brings along a big broom for this task. As he starts to scrub away on this elephant’s back, the gigantic creature suddenly takes the matter in his own hands. He decides that it was time for other parts of the body to be cleaned. And what he does next will leave you floored!

Elephants never cease to amaze us. They are the most incredible and also intelligent mammals walking on the earth. I loved this gigantic creature trying to help his precious caretaker. And it seemed like he was putting a bit of a show for all of his audiences as well.

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