These Elephants Form A Tight Circle Around A Newly Born. Now, Keep Your Eyes On The Baby Elephant!

Nature surprises us with many wonderful miracles, birth being one of them. Human babies take time to put their steps on the floor but the case is not same in the case of animals.

Like most of the mammals, elephants walk along with their herd. They are as social and friendly as we humans are. In this video, a group of elephants are helping a mother elephant to teach a recently born baby to walk. To guard and support their new family member, they tend to form a tight circle around him. This baby bounced amongst the new-found feet around him a couple of times. But then he was finally able to walk on his own after many tries.

Watching a baby take his/her first step is such a wonderful sight. I was both amazed and pleased to see this baby elephant taking his first step ever.

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