They Thought It Would Be A Normal Cowboy Performance But No One Expected THIS Horse To Join In Too!

Every country song fan is quite aware of Billy Ray Cyrus famous song “Achy Breaky Heart”, which was a hit song back in 1992. Every time I hear this song my mind brings up the performance of a horse rather than its own music video. Why? This horse in the video is the reason behind all of it.

When everyone in the stadium saw a horse at the middle of a dancing crew, they were all surprised. This cowboy horse was standing disciplined surrounded by his fellow cowboy dancers. But as Billy Ray’s song started to play at the background, this horse turned into an awesome dancer. Don’t believe me? Watch this video below.

You may have seen many horse tricks on the floor but this is not something you see every day. And it’s also not something you will be forgetting soon.

Best thing ever!!! #AchyBreakyHeart

Posted by Billy Ray Cyrus on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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