This Cat Is Surprised To See Someone Identical To Him. Now Keep Your Eyes At The Cat Outside!

Even though bob cats and domestic cats are far relatives, they do not have similar characteristics. And this video is the perfect example which shows their distinct features.

This domestic cat notices someone napping outside his door. When he looks closely, he finds that this guest outside looks somewhat like himself. Fascinated by this, he tries to wake this fellow up. He scratches the glass and tries to make some noise. After many attempts, he finally becomes able to wake his soon-to-be friend up. But what does this guest do?

Even though, this bob cat was surprised at first to see someone identical to him, he was not quite fascinated by him. As soon as he is over his shock, he turns around and just ignores this domestic cat. And he does not even say ‘hello’.

I was laughing so loud when I saw completely different reactions of these cats. They may look alike but they both have their own distinct characters.

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