What This Man Found 350 Feet Deep In A Canyon Will SHOCK You.

While Zak Anderegg was having his hiking on the Arizona desert in 2010 he stumbled upon a malnourished puppy. Surprisingly the puppy was stuck in a 350 feet deep canyon. The puppy was in a really horrible condition. He was living their without any food and water.

According to Zak the puppy most probably might have been put there by someone intentionally as there was no sort of injury or fracture in the legs of puppy. If it had got there by himself he would certainly have injured his legs. Zak got out of the canyon and managed some food and water from his bag for the dog.

Leaving the puppy with that food and water Zak returned to manage some way, to take the puppy out of that canyon. He returned the very next day and rescued the puppy from there. The little puppy has been named as Riley. See how Zak rescued Riley:

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