You Won’t Believe What He Found When He Went To Rescue This Abandoned Dog. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Among many of his rescues, Chris Ouwerkerk, a rescue driver for the Michigan Humane Society remembers this particular one. It was a cold and rainy day when he was dispatched for the rescue of a dog who was supposedly chained to a couch. But, when Chris got there, he found something more intriguing.

As soon as he was dispatched, he reached the informed site. But, when he reached there, he was not able to find the dog nor the couch. After a while, from the van, he saw a dog squeezed up between two garbage bins. The dog was shaking from the cold. Chris then called the dog out. When he was able to secure the dog, he found something else cuddled between those bins. Apparently, a black cat was also accompanying this dog, who was equally shaking from the cold. This under-appreciated hero, Chris, rescued both of the animals and brought them to the shelter.

It is a really touching story. I wasn’t expecting this ending. When he thought he was up for a rescue of a dog, there was another surprise waiting for him. What do you think about this video? Do you have any suggestions and feedback for us? Do let us know in the comments below!!!

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