When You See This Cat Protecting His Little Human From A Baby Sitter, You Will Be In Stitches!

Even though cats are adorable little furry creatures, they can sometimes get ferocious.

This video is security footage from a house where a toddler and his sitter are playing ball. When the baby is startled by the falling glass and starts to cry, this unusually protective cat rush to toddler’s side. Not wanting the baby to step on the broken glass, the babysitter pushes the little guy away. But the cat assumes that the sitter is harming his precious little human. And then he starts his fierce attacks.

I have always seen dogs jumping up to protect their little human friends, but never heard of a cat in this mode. I feel sympathy for the baby sitter. Even though she did not mean any harm to the baby, the cat assumed something else.

Watch this cute little fur ball turn into his protection mode. What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comment section below.

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