He Brings His Cats A Box Full Of Holes. Now, Watch How The Cats React, LOL!

When I was a kid, whack-a-mole was my favorite game. I also loved playing this game in my computer. I am sure you too will admit that it’s the best game ever. But, have you ever seen a cat play whack-a-mole?

In this video, Cole and Marmalade are playing whack-a-mouse, without even knowing that they are actually playing a game. Their owner decides to give them a little surprise. So, he makes their own whack-a-mole box but he replaces a mole with a toy mouse.

Cats are stimulated by movements and actions. So when these cats’ owner brought motion to the fake mouse, they were immediately attracted to attack.

It is so fun watching these two cats trying their best to catch the mouse. But, they never realized that it was just a bluff.

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