Every country song fan is quite aware of Billy Ray Cyrus famous song “Achy Breaky Heart”, which was a hit song back in 1992. Every time I hear this song my mind brings up the performance of a horse rather than its own music video. Why? This horse in the video is the reason behind all of it.

When everyone in the stadium saw a horse at the middle of a dancing crew, they were all surprised. This cowboy horse was standing disciplined surrounded by his fellow cowboy dancers. But as Billy Ray’s song started to play at the background, this horse turned into an awesome dancer. Don’t believe me? Watch this video below.

You may have seen many horse tricks on the floor but this is not something you see every day. And it’s also not something you will be forgetting soon.

Best thing ever!!! #AchyBreakyHeart

Posted by Billy Ray Cyrus on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

There are many animal rescue videos on the internet. Some unimaginable, some emotional while some are really heroic. But this rescue video is not like something I have ever seen.

One day, when a dog was strolling around in India, he accidently fell on the hot tar. Because of the weight of the dry solid tar, this dog couldn’t move and laid on the floor like a statue. Fortunately, a passerby saw this dog and contacted Animal Aid United.

When rescuers located this dog, they immediately started to work on removing the tar from his body. They applied vegetable oil on his fur continuously. Removing the tar gave the poor dog so much pain but it was necessary to do that.

After the long struggle with the tar, these rescuers were finally able to get it all done. It took 3 hours over 2 days to get all of that tar out of his body. Fortunately by the end, the dog was able to move freely and without any pain.

Guilty dogs are the cutest dogs. Things get hilarious when these guilty dogs get into blaming their peers for the mess they have done.

When this owner came home, she found mess lying all around her house. She has three dogs: Maggie, Murphy and Cody. It was thus obvious that one of the dogs or all of them were responsible for the mess. So she confronts all of the dogs and asks them “who made this mess?”

Normally you would imagine dogs not saying anything and making an innocent face. But not these dogs! These dogs are more expert on ratting out a friend than anyone else. Murphy’s and Cody’s reaction to their owner’s question is really hilarious.

Maggie tries hard to walk away innocently, but because of her friends, now everybody knows who is guilty.

Dogs are adorable friendly animals and being a dog lover I have adopted two dogs too. And whenever it’s time for dinner, I have to be very careful not to feed them at the same room. Now, imagine my surprise when I saw this little cutie who didn’t want to eat dinner alone. What this dog does in this video is truly impressive and adorable.

Bonnie was rescued from the streets by Sato Rescue Organization and is now adopted by a loving family. During his first day at his forever home, he was given a separate space to eat his meal peacefully. But Bonnie is not quite satisfied when he eats alone. What he does next? This is absolutely hilarious.

I wish my dogs were as friendly as Bonnie while they eat their meals. Watch this adorable dog Bonnie in the video below. And let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

On their way to the seventh period, a group of five students from Harlandale High School rescued a dog from a dreadful situation. They thought they would just pet this nice dog and return to their class, but after seeing her condition, they couldn’t leave her.

It was like any other day in San Antonio, TX when these five guys found a street dog inside their school’s compound. They saw this dog basking under the hot sun. When they tried to approach her, they realized that she was in a terrible condition. And without delay, they took this dog to a local vet clinic.

After they took this dog to the vet, they found out that she was completely neglected, covered in ticks and suffering from heartworm. But, now she is slowly recovering from her previous condition.

Sometimes we just need to open our eyes wide to see and notice kind deeds happening around us.

Nature is filled with miracles and it never ceases to amaze us with its surprises. One of the most remarkable characteristic of nature is the odd friendship between two unlikely animals.

Kate and Pippin are one of such examples which represent the miracle of the nature. Kate is a Great Dane, while Pippin is a fawn. Their friendship may seem rather unusual but there is no denying that these two animals love and trust each other a lot.

Pippin was only a fawn when she was abandoned by her mother. That’s when Kate found her. This big hearted dog adopted Pippin as her own child. From that very day, Kate and Pippin started to become friends.

It is really remarkable to see these two unlikely friends play tag with each other. The way they play and embrace each other can melt anyone’s heart.

If dogs are trained properly and with affection, there is nothing a dog can’t accomplish. And this video is a proof of it. This mini dog Misa is a Yorkshire terrier puppy and has a lot of tricks that will make you fall in love with her.

Misa is just 7 months old, but how she follows all her owner’s requests is something that seems impossible. But Misa is trained with love and affection. Every time she accomplishes a task, she is provided with treat and love by her owner.

Yorkshires are mostly known for their intelligence and high energy. And in this video Misa shows both of these characteristics and more. She is a little bomb packed with enormous bang. I am sure you will love her.

I think it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like to have a peaceful time on a swing. Everyone likes it, from the child to adult and even the elders. But, what about dogs? The mere thought of it sounds weird and crazy. But this family does something that is beyond craziness.

In this video, dad asked his precious and adorable dog Sara if she wanted to swing too. What was her answer? She immediately jumped in excitement. And what follows is ridiculous cuteness!

As Sara comfortably adjusted to the human swing, dad pushed a little to move the swing back and forth. Sara is more than delighted to play in a swing like a human child. Her owner says that Sara is always excited whenever they tell her they are going swinging at the playground.

Watch this adorable dog getting her peaceful time on a swing. Tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

Life is really hard for stray dogs. All their life, they are subjected to the harsh elements of weather, lack of food and water, dangers of injury from cars, cruel humans and many more.

This stray dog Izzy had similar life like many other street dogs. She was forced to face difficulties that street life had offered. She was weak from malnourishment, suffered from devastating injuries and had matted hair. But, she was more fortunate than many other street dogs.

One day Animal Alliance of New Jersey received a call informing about severely injured Izzy. This organization rescued Izzy on the streets of Philadelphia in a horrible condition. Even though the rescuers were able to help poor Izzy, she was distant and dejected from everyone, until a little girl came to the shelter to adopt her.

The innocent care and love from the little girl was able to help Izzy come over her psychological fear from humans. She is now a part of a family who loves and cares for her.

Many dogs are bound to live miserable life on the streets. They have no home, no family or support. They are bound to go through abuses and cruelty. But, many helping hands are working together to provide the life these dogs deserve.

This video by The Dodo says ‘help is on the way’. They refer to the people and organizations who are working hard to rescue the stray dogs that are tortured and abandoned by people. These dogs had wretched lives, but not anymore, because help is on the way.

This video features some of the most popular dog rescues posted on the YouTube by rescue organizations. These dogs were rescued from different parts of the world but at the end they were able to have forever homes.

Watch this heart-touching video below and tell us what you think about these dog rescue organizations and their work.

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