You may have seen many videos of animals waking up their sleepy owners. But this video is about a cat responding to his owner’s wake up call. And his reaction to his owner is the cutest thing ever!

When this cat’s owner comes to wake him up, he has the most surprising way to respond. This cute little cat wants to sleep for a while and does not want to get up from that warm and comfortable bed. His owner is well aware of his little desire too. So instead of trying to get him out of the bed, she asks him some question and makes a deal. And the cat’s reaction is just ADORABLE!

If you own a cat you probably know their sleeping habits and desire to nap- a little while longer. But, have you ever seen THIS kind of reaction from your cat?

Dog has always been considered the most loyal animal and this video will let you know why! This service dog Mr. Gibbs is the perfect example of a man’s best friend. Mr. Gibbs is the reason why a sick 3 years old girl is able to have a close to normal life.

Alida was diagnosed with neuroendocrine hyperplasia of Infancy (NEHI) when she was just an infant. She is now 3 years old but he needs constant supply of oxygen by the help of oxygen tube. Even though oxygen kept her alive, she was unable to go out and play or even just a walk to the park because of the heavy equipment she always needed. That’s when Mr. Gibbs comes in.

Mr. Gibbs is a service dog who has been trained to take care of Alida. He goes everywhere she goes. He takes care of her, plays with her and carries the heavy oxygen tank.

Alida was kept alive by the oxygen, but Mr. Gibbs is helping her to live a life that a toddler really deserves. Hats off to this beautiful bond between Mr. Gibbs and Alida!

Music heals one’s soul. It has the capacity to calm someone miraculously. When children are scared or in pain their guardians normally sing for them and it work wonders. Music works the same with animals too.

Bentley is a 9-month-old pot-bellied pig who was rescued by EARTH Animal Sanctuary. He had a seizure which left him in a state of shock and was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. He was fatally damaged by this disease and even lost his eyesight forever. Even though he was given only 10 percent of chance to live, he fought all the odds and survived the impossible.

In this video, his rescuer is trying to calm him down at a hospital visit. He is blind so he can get easily scared when there are unknown loud noises. But, this woman soothes him with her beautiful lullaby.

Bentley is a survivor who has inspired many people including his own rescuer. I hope he gains good health and returns to his home soon.

We normally do not find people associating the words like “cute” or “adorable” with bats. But if you watch this video of orphaned baby bats, then you might just change your mind.

The Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Center has tirelessly and continuously taken care of orphaned bats until they are big enough to go to the wilds. This video was recently released by this center where they have recorded nine baby bats feeding off the bottle, playing and just chilling.

Due to the decrement of appropriate habitat and high temperatures, these bats are under high threats in Australia. Even though some centers are rescuing these bats and trying to regain their population in Australia, it is still not enough. Because of its low popularity among humans, there are less people who want to help these poor bats.

Bats are vital for Australia’s eco-system. And this organization is helping to maintain its balance.

Ponies are really amazing beautiful creatures. Even though they are usually shorter than horses, they are no doubt equal when it comes to strength. However, not even the strongest horse can survive a broken neck. What about this pony?

Bonny had a sever accident when she was young. Her doctor said that it was impossible for her to survive such an accident. Even though her neck was broken, it healed in such a way that she was still able to get around.

But unfortunately, neighborhood kids picked on her and started to throw rocks at her. She was taunted because she looked different with her crooked neck. That’s when she was rescued and moved to a beautiful sanctuary where she was safe from any harm. Now, she is really strong and healthy once again. However, her story doesn’t end right here.

Watch the video below for the beautiful surprise that Bonny brings to her rescuers. You will be delighted to see the ending of this story.

Like any other great apes, Gorillas are considered highly intelligent and are believed to develop rich and emotional family bonding. Even their memory power is very extra-ordinary. But how well can these animals remember their former human rescuers?

Djaltaand Bimms were born at Hewlett’s Wild Animal Park in Kent, thus never knew the world beyond their four walls. But when they reached the appropriate age, conservationist Damian Aspinall was able to re-introduce them to the wild life. When these gorillas were still living in the park, Damian’s daughter Tansy, who was a little girl back then, had a special bond with them.

After 12 years of separation, Tansy along with his dad Damian went to the jungle where they had left these two young gorillas. After hearing Damian’s call, these gorillas, now full grown adults came out to welcome them to their wild home. They recognized Damian and poured him with their love. But will they be able to recognize Tansy?

You may have seen many dogs reacting all emotional when they miss their owners. But have you ever seen a cat who gets emotional when he reunites with his dog friend?

In this video you will see one of the rarest moments in the history of cats. Bow-Z the dog was away from home for 10 whole days leaving his friend Jasper the cat all alone. But when he gets back, this cat has the most amazing way to let his friend know that he missed him a lot.

Bow-Z stood patiently as Jasper showered him with lovely hugs. Whenever Jasper hugged him, Bow-Z was looking at his owner with a confused face as to say “Hmm what am I supposed to do?”

Watch this emotional cat pouring his love to his beloved friend Bow-Z. You willnot be able to hold your smile when you watch this video. What do you think about this beautiful bond between this cat and dog? Do let us know in the comments below.

We always get emotional when we re-unite with our long separated friends and family. But, do dogs show same reaction when they reunite with their former owner? Well, Yes!

Retired Sergeant Jason Bos and his military companion Cici were separated nearly a year ago after Jason’s retirement. They had been all over the world together detecting bombs and saving countless lives. Even though Jason didn’t want to leave Cici overseas, he couldn’t bring him back because Cici was still working for the military. But after a year of their separation, military somehow retired Cici and Bos was able to jump through the necessary hoops in order to adopt Cici.

Finally, in this video, Cici and Bos get re-united after their long separation. And their reaction is worth watching. I got teary eyes while watching this video. Their beautiful bond can make anyone cry.

Music is known as universal language and it’s not simply that it is called so. Even animals enjoy listening to music. They show their admiration towards music in various ways. Even though I knew this before, I had never seen a dog enjoying music to this extent. I seriously had never seen any dog banging his head to the beat.

In this video, a dog is enjoying his owner playing guitar. But, whenever his owner stops the music abruptly, his smile just fades away… literally! I can’t believe this dog actually likes the music so much that he doesn’t like it being stopped.

I was enjoying the guitar along with the dog, but when music stopped suddenly, his face becomes worth watching. But, don’t forget to watch it till the end. Throughout the video this dog will entertain you with its unconditional love for music.

I stumbled upon this video when I was randomly surfing the internet. But, I am really glad I found it, because it just made my day even better. Watch this video below and let us know about your views on the comment section below.

Dogs are life-long friends. Loyal and friendly by nature their presence always makes our life beautiful. They are always ready to jump to protect their owner if they sense any danger. We also love and take care of dogs and form a good friendship with them.

This particular story is about the bond between a dog and his owner. But, this is not just a normal friendship; it is one of a kind.

Loois the pit bull became paraplegic after an accident during surgery, but his owner Craig Mosher was not going to take the easy way out. He was never going to trade anything for his precious pit bull. Craig practically re-scheduled his entire life around Loois to ensure that his pit bull would be able to continue to have as fulfilling life as possible.

Craig takes his pit bull to walk every day and in a harness which is more comfortable than a wheelchair. He also takes his dog to his garage to do some of the fruitful exercises.

What a devoted dog owner and what a lovely dog. Don’t you think so?

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