Sometimes dogs can be the best baby sitter in the whole world. And this video is the proof of it.

In this video, this giant goofy Labradoodle is trying to persuade his little human friends to play fetch with him. What he doesn’t know is that these little twins don’t know how to play ‘fetch’.

He tries several times to convince them to throw the ball. At a point he even puts the ball in the baby’s hand. But, no luck there too! All he gets is an innocent blank stare.

These twins will definitely know how to play ‘fetch’ when they are old enough. But for now, this Labradoodle is out of luck. Poor boy! But it doesn’t matter because his owner plays bouncy ball with him as a reward for babysitting.

A stray dog named Ol Boy was in the brink of death when these rescuers from ‘Save Our Street Dogs’ found him. And what started out as a normal rescue turned out to be a lifetime lesson of love for everyone involved.

Ol Boy was born on the streets of Singapore, and never knew the warmth of a home. When the public spotted him distressed and lying helplessly in the street, they called the dog rescue organization to help this poor dog.

The rescuers were able to help Ol Boy to get rid of the tick problem but he was in such a bad shape that they were not able to save him from other diseases. He was already ready to have a natural death, but his final wish was to die quietly in a home and among loving people.

Watch this emotional story of Ol Boy in the video below. I couldn’t hold my tears throughout the video. What are your thoughts about street dogs? Write us your views on the comments below.

Even though elephants enjoy playing in the mud, they are not quite satisfied with just a mud bath. After their relaxing time on a mud tub, they usually want to have a water shower or want their caretakers to clean them with a broom.

In this video, after their mud bath, a zookeeper approaches an elephant to clean him of the dust. He brings along a big broom for this task. As he starts to scrub away on this elephant’s back, the gigantic creature suddenly takes the matter in his own hands. He decides that it was time for other parts of the body to be cleaned. And what he does next will leave you floored!

Elephants never cease to amaze us. They are the most incredible and also intelligent mammals walking on the earth. I loved this gigantic creature trying to help his precious caretaker. And it seemed like he was putting a bit of a show for all of his audiences as well.

With their big black eyes and fluffy fur, guinea pigs are the most adorable animals on the planet. And this video has made them even more adorable. Guinea pigs crossing a bridge in a queue! Is there anything cuter than this?

At Nagasaki Bio Park, these zookeepers wanted their guinea pigs to have more fun while being transferred from their sleeping place to their eating place. What did they do? They built a full-fledged wooden bridge for them. These guinea pigs could now cross the bridge whenever they want. And the main advantage of this bridge is that the zookeepers no longer have to transfer them individually.

This video is accompanied by an adorable song which fits the video perfectly. When these guinea pigs crossed the bridge in a queue, I couldn’t stop smiling. They are too cute to handle. I wish I had one of these cuties.

Mismanagement of trash in the beaches has been causing great effect in the ecosystem of oceans and its surrounding islands. You don’t need to go far to see the proof. This film, “The Midway Island” will show the whole world how deadly our trashes are to the animals near us.

This video is the trailer of the documentary “The Midway Island” by Chris Jordan. It is a powerful visual journey into the heart of an astonishingly symbolic environmental tragedy. This video mainly focuses on the dangerous effects caused by the trash mismanagement all around Pacific Ocean.

Chris Jordan captures the picture of the dead birds along with plastic and other trashes found inside their belly.
It’s time we start thinking about our deeds that are having such worse impact on the environments. Many animals are dying because of our mistakes. And ultimately humans are the ones who will be paying for their own faults as well.

I have seen many videos showing the bond between a dog and a baby. But, I have fallen in love with this one. You would too if you just watch these two adorable cuties.

The bond between these two unlikely friends is too cute to handle. When this baby was taking a nap, his best friend sits beside him and watches out for any trouble. Even though this puppy was having hard time keeping his eyes open, he didn’t let his sleep get the best of him. He didn’t want to fall asleep and let his guard down.

I almost died when this little fellow laid his head over his man-friend. I do believe that these two will grow out to be best friends forever.

This is the sweetest video I have seen today. I am sure you will agree with me too.

Monkey might be quite famous for their notoriousness but when it comes to their babies they are the most sincere and protective mammals. Seeing monkeys caress their babies is not a new thing but have you ever seen them caress other animals too?

In this video, a monkey meets recently born puppies for the first time. I thought this monkey would be surprised to see these puppies but I am the one who is shocked.

This monkey bends over to caress these puppies with her two hands. At one point she even kisses them. She probably doesn’t know whose off springs they are but she surely likes them.

Mother Nature is filled with unexplainable miracles. And this is truly one of them. I enjoyed watching this monkey care for these babies whom she met for the first time.

Watch this video below and if you have any queries and comments, do let us know through the COMMENTS section below.

When I was a kid, whack-a-mole was my favorite game. I also loved playing this game in my computer. I am sure you too will admit that it’s the best game ever. But, have you ever seen a cat play whack-a-mole?

In this video, Cole and Marmalade are playing whack-a-mouse, without even knowing that they are actually playing a game. Their owner decides to give them a little surprise. So, he makes their own whack-a-mole box but he replaces a mole with a toy mouse.

Cats are stimulated by movements and actions. So when these cats’ owner brought motion to the fake mouse, they were immediately attracted to attack.

It is so fun watching these two cats trying their best to catch the mouse. But, they never realized that it was just a bluff.

Cats are adorable creatures. They somehow put a smile to your face every time. I have seen many cat videos in the internet, but this absolutely tops my list. You will surely be beaming after watching this video.

Every cat is fond of eating. They roam around you when you are up and ready for your breakfast. But, this cat in the video does not just wait for his food, he ASKS for it. And he has a most adorable way to say “please give me some food”.

I was not expecting this cat to actually get on his two legs and ask for the breakfast. As soon as he did that, my lips automatically stretched for the brightest smile.

Check out this adorable cat in the video below. He will definitely may your day.

Kittens are just too cute for words. NO ONE will ever deny that. They look adorable doing anything. If you like kittens then you surely need to watch out this video. It will surely make you smile.

This black kitten in the video likes being tickled by mama and thinks that “stick them up” is the best game ever. So, every time mama tickles this kitten he does this most adorable thing in the world. And his mama does not mind playing with him all day long. Now who could blame her? If I had a kitten like that I would do the same.

I have been rewinding this video over and over again. I am afraid I might melt to the grounds if I watched this anymore. But, seriously!! I can’t stop looking at this little cutie. Watch this amazing video and tell us your views through your comments!

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