Nature surprises us with many wonderful miracles, birth being one of them. Human babies take time to put their steps on the floor but the case is not same in the case of animals.

Like most of the mammals, elephants walk along with their herd. They are as social and friendly as we humans are. In this video, a group of elephants are helping a mother elephant to teach a recently born baby to walk. To guard and support their new family member, they tend to form a tight circle around him. This baby bounced amongst the new-found feet around him a couple of times. But then he was finally able to walk on his own after many tries.

Watching a baby take his/her first step is such a wonderful sight. I was both amazed and pleased to see this baby elephant taking his first step ever.

Have you ever heard an elephant falling asleep after hearing a lullaby? If not yet, then now you will be able to see that utter cuteness through this video. This beautiful video will surely make your day.

Lek is an elephant caretaker. She cleans them, gives them food and even sings them lullaby. Yes you heard me right! She actually sings a soothing song for them to fall asleep. And this video catches her singing one of her favorite lullaby for an elephant.

This elephant goes on a deep sleep as soon as she starts to sing. I have to admit, she has a beautiful and comforting voice. I would fall asleep if she was taking care of me too. But, when this elephant started to snore, I lost it. So adorable!!

Check out this video below and tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

The act of showing concern when a loved one is away is not a trait found only in humans. This amazing trait can be found in our best animal pals i.e. dogs as well. And this video proves it.

Lt. Gary Daugherty was away for six months. When he came back, he surprised his precious dog and called her from the staircases. Upon hearing his voice, this dog hurried towards the stairs to meet him half way up the stairs. As soon as the dog met daddy, she started to behave like a baby. As the YouTube description says, she is really a daddy’s girl.

This dog was not expecting her daddy soldier to come home that day. So, when he did she was overwhelmed to see him. It looked like this dog was actually complaining things to him when he rested on the coach with her. And he seems to understand his dog as well.

What do you think about this dog’s reaction? Does your dog act like this as well?

Dogs are the masters of sheep herding. EVERYBODY knows that and agrees to that. But, what if a rabbit was put on a dog’s job?

This rabbit was probably brought up as a dog. That is why it acts like a dog and in this video is seen herding sheep. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this little fellow scaring these sheep off. He is so tiny and adorable but why these sheep act like THIS in front of this rabbit is truly a mystery.

I thought it was a beginner’s luck but when this rabbit scared off these sheep over and over again, my jaw dropped. I have no idea how this little rabbit is doing it. But, I have to admit, this is truly remarkable.

Can’t believe it? Watch the video below to see this extraordinary little fellow doing a dog’s job. You will certainly be entertained.

What better way to spread happiness than a video full of tiniest, cutest and liveliest farm animals? I certainly can’t think of anything else right now!

On international day of happiness, EdgarMission uploaded this short clip of happiest farm animals. These bouncy cuties jump up and down, and around the barn throughout the video.

This video has some piglets, baby goats and some rabbits. They all look so happy and excited together. At one point, this white goat stares at the camera. And when his owner calls him, he actually replies!
If these bouncing, snoozing and happy cuties can’t make you smile then nothing can! This is certainly the “Happiest Video Ever”.

Even though bob cats and domestic cats are far relatives, they do not have similar characteristics. And this video is the perfect example which shows their distinct features.

This domestic cat notices someone napping outside his door. When he looks closely, he finds that this guest outside looks somewhat like himself. Fascinated by this, he tries to wake this fellow up. He scratches the glass and tries to make some noise. After many attempts, he finally becomes able to wake his soon-to-be friend up. But what does this guest do?

Even though, this bob cat was surprised at first to see someone identical to him, he was not quite fascinated by him. As soon as he is over his shock, he turns around and just ignores this domestic cat. And he does not even say ‘hello’.

I was laughing so loud when I saw completely different reactions of these cats. They may look alike but they both have their own distinct characters.

Who doesn’t like to see a cute little goat dancing? Well… I surely do. And when I found this video, I simply couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

This goat in the video is only 2-3 days old. And he does this happiest dance ever. He certainly looks happy to jump around the barn. He even circles his mom as if to say… “Look at me mom!”

Little ones are always full of energy. They jump around exploring their environment. And that’s what this little fellow seems like doing; getting familiar with the surrounding and getting to know what lies around him.

If you adore animal videos then you would surely like this one too.

What would a dog do if he finds a duckling? Can you imagine them being friends? You will be surprised to know, but this pit bull actually likes this cute little yellow duckling.

This pit bull was missing her precious little yellow friend. So, her owner took her and the duckling out for their playful night. They played with each other while their owner recorded this video.

In the video, you will be able to see a precious friendship between two unlikely animals. I never thought a dog can actually play with a duckling. Well… their playing style doesn’t involve running and moving around, but when you watch this video, it will no doubt make you smile.

I want to cuddle both of these animals. What do you think about them? Did you find their friendship interesting? Do let us know about it in the comments.

You may have seen many videos of babies and dogs. But this video is something that will melt your heart.

Ella, the tiny baby in this video is just eight months old. But it seems like she already has a new best friend. When her parents brought home a two months old Golden Retriever, Ella was more than happy.

I was so amazed when this puppy ran straight to his new owner. It seemed like he is fond of this little baby. And this baby doesn’t mind that as well. She cries in excitement when her new puppy plays with her. At one point they even hug each other.

I really loved this relationship of a baby and her new best friend. They have already created a special bond.

What if you suddenly stumble upon someone’s ‘private affair’? You need to ask THIS guy.

In one excursion, Paul Rose stumbles upon mating giant tortoise on Assumption Island. When the male realizes Paul’s presence, he gets angry. What does he do? He tries to chase and bite them on their legs. But… very slowly.
These mating tortoises were an interesting discovery for Paul and his team. But, what the angry tortoise did next is more awesome than the discovery itself.

This tortoise looked determined to catch Paul and punish him for his interruption. But poor tortoise! Paul managed to escape from his wrath. Well, when he couldn’t punish his enemy, this tortoise finally returned back to his girlfriend to finish what he started. And hopefully, there will soon be lots of their off springs roaming around Seychelles.

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