You may have seen many videos of animals waking up their sleepy owners. But this video is about a cat responding to his owner’s wake up call. And his reaction to his owner is the cutest thing ever!

When this cat’s owner comes to wake him up, he has the most surprising way to respond. This cute little cat wants to sleep for a while and does not want to get up from that warm and comfortable bed. His owner is well aware of his little desire too. So instead of trying to get him out of the bed, she asks him some question and makes a deal. And the cat’s reaction is just ADORABLE!

If you own a cat you probably know their sleeping habits and desire to nap- a little while longer. But, have you ever seen THIS kind of reaction from your cat?

You may have seen many dogs reacting all emotional when they miss their owners. But have you ever seen a cat who gets emotional when he reunites with his dog friend?

In this video you will see one of the rarest moments in the history of cats. Bow-Z the dog was away from home for 10 whole days leaving his friend Jasper the cat all alone. But when he gets back, this cat has the most amazing way to let his friend know that he missed him a lot.

Bow-Z stood patiently as Jasper showered him with lovely hugs. Whenever Jasper hugged him, Bow-Z was looking at his owner with a confused face as to say “Hmm what am I supposed to do?”

Watch this emotional cat pouring his love to his beloved friend Bow-Z. You willnot be able to hold your smile when you watch this video. What do you think about this beautiful bond between this cat and dog? Do let us know in the comments below.

Even though cats are adorable little furry creatures, they can sometimes get ferocious.

This video is security footage from a house where a toddler and his sitter are playing ball. When the baby is startled by the falling glass and starts to cry, this unusually protective cat rush to toddler’s side. Not wanting the baby to step on the broken glass, the babysitter pushes the little guy away. But the cat assumes that the sitter is harming his precious little human. And then he starts his fierce attacks.

I have always seen dogs jumping up to protect their little human friends, but never heard of a cat in this mode. I feel sympathy for the baby sitter. Even though she did not mean any harm to the baby, the cat assumed something else.

Watch this cute little fur ball turn into his protection mode. What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comment section below.

When I was a kid, whack-a-mole was my favorite game. I also loved playing this game in my computer. I am sure you too will admit that it’s the best game ever. But, have you ever seen a cat play whack-a-mole?

In this video, Cole and Marmalade are playing whack-a-mouse, without even knowing that they are actually playing a game. Their owner decides to give them a little surprise. So, he makes their own whack-a-mole box but he replaces a mole with a toy mouse.

Cats are stimulated by movements and actions. So when these cats’ owner brought motion to the fake mouse, they were immediately attracted to attack.

It is so fun watching these two cats trying their best to catch the mouse. But, they never realized that it was just a bluff.

Cats are adorable creatures. They somehow put a smile to your face every time. I have seen many cat videos in the internet, but this absolutely tops my list. You will surely be beaming after watching this video.

Every cat is fond of eating. They roam around you when you are up and ready for your breakfast. But, this cat in the video does not just wait for his food, he ASKS for it. And he has a most adorable way to say “please give me some food”.

I was not expecting this cat to actually get on his two legs and ask for the breakfast. As soon as he did that, my lips automatically stretched for the brightest smile.

Check out this adorable cat in the video below. He will definitely may your day.

Kittens are just too cute for words. NO ONE will ever deny that. They look adorable doing anything. If you like kittens then you surely need to watch out this video. It will surely make you smile.

This black kitten in the video likes being tickled by mama and thinks that “stick them up” is the best game ever. So, every time mama tickles this kitten he does this most adorable thing in the world. And his mama does not mind playing with him all day long. Now who could blame her? If I had a kitten like that I would do the same.

I have been rewinding this video over and over again. I am afraid I might melt to the grounds if I watched this anymore. But, seriously!! I can’t stop looking at this little cutie. Watch this amazing video and tell us your views through your comments!

Even though bob cats and domestic cats are far relatives, they do not have similar characteristics. And this video is the perfect example which shows their distinct features.

This domestic cat notices someone napping outside his door. When he looks closely, he finds that this guest outside looks somewhat like himself. Fascinated by this, he tries to wake this fellow up. He scratches the glass and tries to make some noise. After many attempts, he finally becomes able to wake his soon-to-be friend up. But what does this guest do?

Even though, this bob cat was surprised at first to see someone identical to him, he was not quite fascinated by him. As soon as he is over his shock, he turns around and just ignores this domestic cat. And he does not even say ‘hello’.

I was laughing so loud when I saw completely different reactions of these cats. They may look alike but they both have their own distinct characters.

Kittens are curious so they are always running around exploring things. But, what about the feeding time? Mom needs to think about these kitten’s energy supply all the time. But, this mom does not go around looking for her kitties. She has some other technique to announce their milk time.

This cat in the video seems to be just “meowing” over and over again. At first I couldn’t understand why. But, after some moments, her little photo-copies come running towards her. It was actually her style of calling her babies for their milk time. It looks so adorable when all these kitties gather around her meowing and snuggling on her fur.

Watch this cute little kitties in the video below. If you have any suggestions then fell free to drop it in the comments section below.

Who doesn’t like to relax in a hammock? A comforting leisure time, book on your hand, while you lay on your comfy hammock… doesn’t that sound amazingly soothing? Wow!! That’s my dream holiday. And this cat agrees with me.

Timo, internet’s favorite cat, has his own cute little hammock to relax on. Sure, it was not easy getting on it at first. But, after mastering the technique, he needed nothing else than his hammock. And he completely believes that this hammock is his own. He doesn’t even let his owner touch it.

A cat falling asleep in a hammock looks so adorable. And this cat even had his own doll to cuddle with. Isn’t that cute?

Check out this video below and share us your thoughts about it. We love hearing from you.

Among many of his rescues, Chris Ouwerkerk, a rescue driver for the Michigan Humane Society remembers this particular one. It was a cold and rainy day when he was dispatched for the rescue of a dog who was supposedly chained to a couch. But, when Chris got there, he found something more intriguing.

As soon as he was dispatched, he reached the informed site. But, when he reached there, he was not able to find the dog nor the couch. After a while, from the van, he saw a dog squeezed up between two garbage bins. The dog was shaking from the cold. Chris then called the dog out. When he was able to secure the dog, he found something else cuddled between those bins. Apparently, a black cat was also accompanying this dog, who was equally shaking from the cold. This under-appreciated hero, Chris, rescued both of the animals and brought them to the shelter.

It is a really touching story. I wasn’t expecting this ending. When he thought he was up for a rescue of a dog, there was another surprise waiting for him. What do you think about this video? Do you have any suggestions and feedback for us? Do let us know in the comments below!!!

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