You may have seen many dogs reacting all emotional when they miss their owners. But have you ever seen a cat who gets emotional when he reunites with his dog friend?

In this video you will see one of the rarest moments in the history of cats. Bow-Z the dog was away from home for 10 whole days leaving his friend Jasper the cat all alone. But when he gets back, this cat has the most amazing way to let his friend know that he missed him a lot.

Bow-Z stood patiently as Jasper showered him with lovely hugs. Whenever Jasper hugged him, Bow-Z was looking at his owner with a confused face as to say “Hmm what am I supposed to do?”

Watch this emotional cat pouring his love to his beloved friend Bow-Z. You willnot be able to hold your smile when you watch this video. What do you think about this beautiful bond between this cat and dog? Do let us know in the comments below.

We always get emotional when we re-unite with our long separated friends and family. But, do dogs show same reaction when they reunite with their former owner? Well, Yes!

Retired Sergeant Jason Bos and his military companion Cici were separated nearly a year ago after Jason’s retirement. They had been all over the world together detecting bombs and saving countless lives. Even though Jason didn’t want to leave Cici overseas, he couldn’t bring him back because Cici was still working for the military. But after a year of their separation, military somehow retired Cici and Bos was able to jump through the necessary hoops in order to adopt Cici.

Finally, in this video, Cici and Bos get re-united after their long separation. And their reaction is worth watching. I got teary eyes while watching this video. Their beautiful bond can make anyone cry.

Music is known as universal language and it’s not simply that it is called so. Even animals enjoy listening to music. They show their admiration towards music in various ways. Even though I knew this before, I had never seen a dog enjoying music to this extent. I seriously had never seen any dog banging his head to the beat.

In this video, a dog is enjoying his owner playing guitar. But, whenever his owner stops the music abruptly, his smile just fades away… literally! I can’t believe this dog actually likes the music so much that he doesn’t like it being stopped.

I was enjoying the guitar along with the dog, but when music stopped suddenly, his face becomes worth watching. But, don’t forget to watch it till the end. Throughout the video this dog will entertain you with its unconditional love for music.

I stumbled upon this video when I was randomly surfing the internet. But, I am really glad I found it, because it just made my day even better. Watch this video below and let us know about your views on the comment section below.

Dogs are life-long friends. Loyal and friendly by nature their presence always makes our life beautiful. They are always ready to jump to protect their owner if they sense any danger. We also love and take care of dogs and form a good friendship with them.

This particular story is about the bond between a dog and his owner. But, this is not just a normal friendship; it is one of a kind.

Loois the pit bull became paraplegic after an accident during surgery, but his owner Craig Mosher was not going to take the easy way out. He was never going to trade anything for his precious pit bull. Craig practically re-scheduled his entire life around Loois to ensure that his pit bull would be able to continue to have as fulfilling life as possible.

Craig takes his pit bull to walk every day and in a harness which is more comfortable than a wheelchair. He also takes his dog to his garage to do some of the fruitful exercises.

What a devoted dog owner and what a lovely dog. Don’t you think so?

Sometimes dogs can be the best baby sitter in the whole world. And this video is the proof of it.

In this video, this giant goofy Labradoodle is trying to persuade his little human friends to play fetch with him. What he doesn’t know is that these little twins don’t know how to play ‘fetch’.

He tries several times to convince them to throw the ball. At a point he even puts the ball in the baby’s hand. But, no luck there too! All he gets is an innocent blank stare.

These twins will definitely know how to play ‘fetch’ when they are old enough. But for now, this Labradoodle is out of luck. Poor boy! But it doesn’t matter because his owner plays bouncy ball with him as a reward for babysitting.

A stray dog named Ol Boy was in the brink of death when these rescuers from ‘Save Our Street Dogs’ found him. And what started out as a normal rescue turned out to be a lifetime lesson of love for everyone involved.

Ol Boy was born on the streets of Singapore, and never knew the warmth of a home. When the public spotted him distressed and lying helplessly in the street, they called the dog rescue organization to help this poor dog.

The rescuers were able to help Ol Boy to get rid of the tick problem but he was in such a bad shape that they were not able to save him from other diseases. He was already ready to have a natural death, but his final wish was to die quietly in a home and among loving people.

Watch this emotional story of Ol Boy in the video below. I couldn’t hold my tears throughout the video. What are your thoughts about street dogs? Write us your views on the comments below.

I have seen many videos showing the bond between a dog and a baby. But, I have fallen in love with this one. You would too if you just watch these two adorable cuties.

The bond between these two unlikely friends is too cute to handle. When this baby was taking a nap, his best friend sits beside him and watches out for any trouble. Even though this puppy was having hard time keeping his eyes open, he didn’t let his sleep get the best of him. He didn’t want to fall asleep and let his guard down.

I almost died when this little fellow laid his head over his man-friend. I do believe that these two will grow out to be best friends forever.

This is the sweetest video I have seen today. I am sure you will agree with me too.

The act of showing concern when a loved one is away is not a trait found only in humans. This amazing trait can be found in our best animal pals i.e. dogs as well. And this video proves it.

Lt. Gary Daugherty was away for six months. When he came back, he surprised his precious dog and called her from the staircases. Upon hearing his voice, this dog hurried towards the stairs to meet him half way up the stairs. As soon as the dog met daddy, she started to behave like a baby. As the YouTube description says, she is really a daddy’s girl.

This dog was not expecting her daddy soldier to come home that day. So, when he did she was overwhelmed to see him. It looked like this dog was actually complaining things to him when he rested on the coach with her. And he seems to understand his dog as well.

What do you think about this dog’s reaction? Does your dog act like this as well?

What would a dog do if he finds a duckling? Can you imagine them being friends? You will be surprised to know, but this pit bull actually likes this cute little yellow duckling.

This pit bull was missing her precious little yellow friend. So, her owner took her and the duckling out for their playful night. They played with each other while their owner recorded this video.

In the video, you will be able to see a precious friendship between two unlikely animals. I never thought a dog can actually play with a duckling. Well… their playing style doesn’t involve running and moving around, but when you watch this video, it will no doubt make you smile.

I want to cuddle both of these animals. What do you think about them? Did you find their friendship interesting? Do let us know about it in the comments.

You may have seen many videos of babies and dogs. But this video is something that will melt your heart.

Ella, the tiny baby in this video is just eight months old. But it seems like she already has a new best friend. When her parents brought home a two months old Golden Retriever, Ella was more than happy.

I was so amazed when this puppy ran straight to his new owner. It seemed like he is fond of this little baby. And this baby doesn’t mind that as well. She cries in excitement when her new puppy plays with her. At one point they even hug each other.

I really loved this relationship of a baby and her new best friend. They have already created a special bond.

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