Among many of his rescues, Chris Ouwerkerk, a rescue driver for the Michigan Humane Society remembers this particular one. It was a cold and rainy day when he was dispatched for the rescue of a dog who was supposedly chained to a couch. But, when Chris got there, he found something more intriguing.

As soon as he was dispatched, he reached the informed site. But, when he reached there, he was not able to find the dog nor the couch. After a while, from the van, he saw a dog squeezed up between two garbage bins. The dog was shaking from the cold. Chris then called the dog out. When he was able to secure the dog, he found something else cuddled between those bins. Apparently, a black cat was also accompanying this dog, who was equally shaking from the cold. This under-appreciated hero, Chris, rescued both of the animals and brought them to the shelter.

It is a really touching story. I wasn’t expecting this ending. When he thought he was up for a rescue of a dog, there was another surprise waiting for him. What do you think about this video? Do you have any suggestions and feedback for us? Do let us know in the comments below!!!

Sometimes we feel so lazy to wake up in the morning. At those times, we want that ‘5 more minutes’ in our cozy bed. I am the same. I always decide to wake up early. But when my alarm rings the next morning, I just give up on my decision. ‘5 more minutes’ is what I want the most. But, I never knew dogs can do the same.

In this video, this dog doesn’t want to get up. His owner wakes him up for the morning walk—we all know that dogs LOVE going on walk. But, this dog doesn’t care about it. All he cares about is his comfortable and warm couch.

I have always watched videos of dogs waking up their owner. But, this video is quite opposite. I was laughing so hard at the dog’s reaction. Watch this video below and tell us what you think about it in the section below.

Dogs love to chew bones. They find strange places to hide them. They mostly dig a hole in your backyard and hide it there. But, this dog is really very cleaver. She wants no one to find her precious bone. What she does? It’s beyond hilarious.

Rokks is a Doberman. She always tries to hide her precious bones from cats. But, she does not particularly like her nails to get dirty. So, she finds a new solution to her problem.

I found it very amusing to watch Rokks trying to find a spot to hide her bone. Whenever she hears the *meow*, she just stops her act and gets ready to protect her bone. She looks so adorable when she is confused about the perfect spot for her treasure.

Check out this video below. And tell us what you think about it. We love hearing from you.

We age and so do dogs. Dogs have less life expectancy than humans. And as they start to age, they often have trouble getting around. It sounds sad. But, this video will amaze you and will bring you to tears.

This husky was having trouble moving around because of his old age. But, his owner has a little surprise for him. He wasn’t going to let his dog’s old age prevent him from exploring around. Nor was he going to let his dog be alone. He wanted his dog to have his same old walking routines and fun time together.

When I watched this video, it made me smile. I wasn’t sure what this dog’s owner was going to do. But, when I saw what he did, it completely melted my heart. I am sure you are going to get touched by this video as well. Do let us know your opinions on the comments below.

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