These Chimps Were Locked In Cage For 30 Years. It Broke My Heart To See What Happened Next!

We all know about the experiments done on animals. As chimpanzees are our closet ancestors, many of the medical experiments are conducted on them. It may be for human’s own benefit, but watching these poor animals locked in bars breaks my heart.

These chimps from the video were locked inside metal laboratory for 30 years. They were not able to feel the fresh air, stand on fresh grass and see the beautiful sunlight during that time. So, their reaction when they were released is truly remarkable. They had been kept captivated for all those years and were released only after the end of the experiment. Austrian animal sanctuary were able to help these chimps after 3 decades.

When I watched the video, I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction from the chimps. Two of the chimps even hugged each other when they realized they were finally released to the open air. There was one last chimp who looked scared to come out. When he crept out slowly, I couldn’t hold my tears.

It melted my heart to see these chimpanzees finally getting their freedom. What do you think about this rescue? What are your views about the video? Let us know about in the comment section below.

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