When This Dog Came To The Shelter, She Hated Humans. But This Little Girl Changed Everything!

Life is really hard for stray dogs. All their life, they are subjected to the harsh elements of weather, lack of food and water, dangers of injury from cars, cruel humans and many more.

This stray dog Izzy had similar life like many other street dogs. She was forced to face difficulties that street life had offered. She was weak from malnourishment, suffered from devastating injuries and had matted hair. But, she was more fortunate than many other street dogs.

One day Animal Alliance of New Jersey received a call informing about severely injured Izzy. This organization rescued Izzy on the streets of Philadelphia in a horrible condition. Even though the rescuers were able to help poor Izzy, she was distant and dejected from everyone, until a little girl came to the shelter to adopt her.

The innocent care and love from the little girl was able to help Izzy come over her psychological fear from humans. She is now a part of a family who loves and cares for her.

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