This Giant Dog Wants To Play Fetch With These Twins. Now Watch How These Babies React!

Sometimes dogs can be the best baby sitter in the whole world. And this video is the proof of it.

In this video, this giant goofy Labradoodle is trying to persuade his little human friends to play fetch with him. What he doesn’t know is that these little twins don’t know how to play ‘fetch’.

He tries several times to convince them to throw the ball. At a point he even puts the ball in the baby’s hand. But, no luck there too! All he gets is an innocent blank stare.

These twins will definitely know how to play ‘fetch’ when they are old enough. But for now, this Labradoodle is out of luck. Poor boy! But it doesn’t matter because his owner plays bouncy ball with him as a reward for babysitting.

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