This Soldier Meets His Dog After 6 Months. I Couldn’t Hold My Tears When I Saw His Dog’s Reaction!

The act of showing concern when a loved one is away is not a trait found only in humans. This amazing trait can be found in our best animal pals i.e. dogs as well. And this video proves it.

Lt. Gary Daugherty was away for six months. When he came back, he surprised his precious dog and called her from the staircases. Upon hearing his voice, this dog hurried towards the stairs to meet him half way up the stairs. As soon as the dog met daddy, she started to behave like a baby. As the YouTube description says, she is really a daddy’s girl.

This dog was not expecting her daddy soldier to come home that day. So, when he did she was overwhelmed to see him. It looked like this dog was actually complaining things to him when he rested on the coach with her. And he seems to understand his dog as well.

What do you think about this dog’s reaction? Does your dog act like this as well?

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