He Does Not Want To Take This Treat And There’s A Reason Behind That. It’s Funny!

Dogs love to get treats and this adorable doggy is no exception. He takes all the treats given by his loved ones with full excitement. But the dog every time refuses one treat. Whenever he hears this person’s name he just refuses to take the treat. Isn’t this surprising?

The dog refuses the treat whenever he is said that the treat is from the dog catcher. Whenever he hears the word dog catcher he does not show any sort of willingness to take that treat. It is estimated that a trained dog has an ability to have an understanding of around 100 human words so this adorable dog too might have an understanding of what “dog catcher” means. Or if not that at least he knows that refers to some kind of unwelcome offering.

Many experts say that dog respond being based on the voice tone, eye movement and body language. Watch this video you will be totally surprised when you will see his reactions as he hears treats marked following various people’s names. The way he responds will definitely make your day.

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