This Stray Dog Was Granted His Dying Wish. But, I Couldn’t Stop Crying When THIS Happened!

A stray dog named Ol Boy was in the brink of death when these rescuers from ‘Save Our Street Dogs’ found him. And what started out as a normal rescue turned out to be a lifetime lesson of love for everyone involved.

Ol Boy was born on the streets of Singapore, and never knew the warmth of a home. When the public spotted him distressed and lying helplessly in the street, they called the dog rescue organization to help this poor dog.

The rescuers were able to help Ol Boy to get rid of the tick problem but he was in such a bad shape that they were not able to save him from other diseases. He was already ready to have a natural death, but his final wish was to die quietly in a home and among loving people.

Watch this emotional story of Ol Boy in the video below. I couldn’t hold my tears throughout the video. What are your thoughts about street dogs? Write us your views on the comments below.

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