When Mom Asks, “Who Made The Mess?” These Three Dogs Have The Funniest Reaction Ever!

Guilty dogs are the cutest dogs. Things get hilarious when these guilty dogs get into blaming their peers for the mess they have done.

When this owner came home, she found mess lying all around her house. She has three dogs: Maggie, Murphy and Cody. It was thus obvious that one of the dogs or all of them were responsible for the mess. So she confronts all of the dogs and asks them “who made this mess?”

Normally you would imagine dogs not saying anything and making an innocent face. But not these dogs! These dogs are more expert on ratting out a friend than anyone else. Murphy’s and Cody’s reaction to their owner’s question is really hilarious.

Maggie tries hard to walk away innocently, but because of her friends, now everybody knows who is guilty.

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