They Let Their Guinea Pigs Out For A Day. But, I Never Expected These Animals To Do THIS!

With their big black eyes and fluffy fur, guinea pigs are the most adorable animals on the planet. And this video has made them even more adorable. Guinea pigs crossing a bridge in a queue! Is there anything cuter than this?

At Nagasaki Bio Park, these zookeepers wanted their guinea pigs to have more fun while being transferred from their sleeping place to their eating place. What did they do? They built a full-fledged wooden bridge for them. These guinea pigs could now cross the bridge whenever they want. And the main advantage of this bridge is that the zookeepers no longer have to transfer them individually.

This video is accompanied by an adorable song which fits the video perfectly. When these guinea pigs crossed the bridge in a queue, I couldn’t stop smiling. They are too cute to handle. I wish I had one of these cuties.

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