What Happens When This Baby Meets These Gorillas After 12 Long Years Will Crush Your Heart!

Like any other great apes, Gorillas are considered highly intelligent and are believed to develop rich and emotional family bonding. Even their memory power is very extra-ordinary. But how well can these animals remember their former human rescuers?

Djaltaand Bimms were born at Hewlett’s Wild Animal Park in Kent, thus never knew the world beyond their four walls. But when they reached the appropriate age, conservationist Damian Aspinall was able to re-introduce them to the wild life. When these gorillas were still living in the park, Damian’s daughter Tansy, who was a little girl back then, had a special bond with them.

After 12 years of separation, Tansy along with his dad Damian went to the jungle where they had left these two young gorillas. After hearing Damian’s call, these gorillas, now full grown adults came out to welcome them to their wild home. They recognized Damian and poured him with their love. But will they be able to recognize Tansy?

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