When You See This Soldier Getting Reunited With His Military Dog, You Will Tear Up!

We always get emotional when we re-unite with our long separated friends and family. But, do dogs show same reaction when they reunite with their former owner? Well, Yes!

Retired Sergeant Jason Bos and his military companion Cici were separated nearly a year ago after Jason’s retirement. They had been all over the world together detecting bombs and saving countless lives. Even though Jason didn’t want to leave Cici overseas, he couldn’t bring him back because Cici was still working for the military. But after a year of their separation, military somehow retired Cici and Bos was able to jump through the necessary hoops in order to adopt Cici.

Finally, in this video, Cici and Bos get re-united after their long separation. And their reaction is worth watching. I got teary eyes while watching this video. Their beautiful bond can make anyone cry.

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