When I Knew What This Baby Deer And This Dog Was Doing, I Melted To The Ground, INCREDIBLE!

Nature is filled with miracles and it never ceases to amaze us with its surprises. One of the most remarkable characteristic of nature is the odd friendship between two unlikely animals.

Kate and Pippin are one of such examples which represent the miracle of the nature. Kate is a Great Dane, while Pippin is a fawn. Their friendship may seem rather unusual but there is no denying that these two animals love and trust each other a lot.

Pippin was only a fawn when she was abandoned by her mother. That’s when Kate found her. This big hearted dog adopted Pippin as her own child. From that very day, Kate and Pippin started to become friends.

It is really remarkable to see these two unlikely friends play tag with each other. The way they play and embrace each other can melt anyone’s heart.

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