Momma Tickles Her Black Kitty. How She Responds? This Will Leave You Floored!

Kittens are just too cute for words. NO ONE will ever deny that. They look adorable doing anything. If you like kittens then you surely need to watch out this video. It will surely make you smile.

This black kitten in the video likes being tickled by mama and thinks that “stick them up” is the best game ever. So, every time mama tickles this kitten he does this most adorable thing in the world. And his mama does not mind playing with him all day long. Now who could blame her? If I had a kitten like that I would do the same.

I have been rewinding this video over and over again. I am afraid I might melt to the grounds if I watched this anymore. But, seriously!! I can’t stop looking at this little cutie. Watch this amazing video and tell us your views through your comments!

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