When She Went To Wake Her Dog Up, She Never Expected Him To Do THIS! LOL

Sometimes we feel so lazy to wake up in the morning. At those times, we want that ‘5 more minutes’ in our cozy bed. I am the same. I always decide to wake up early. But when my alarm rings the next morning, I just give up on my decision. ‘5 more minutes’ is what I want the most. But, I never knew dogs can do the same.

In this video, this dog doesn’t want to get up. His owner wakes him up for the morning walk—we all know that dogs LOVE going on walk. But, this dog doesn’t care about it. All he cares about is his comfortable and warm couch.

I have always watched videos of dogs waking up their owner. But, this video is quite opposite. I was laughing so hard at the dog’s reaction. Watch this video below and tell us what you think about it in the section below.

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