These Teens Went To Pet This Stray Dog. But What They Discovered – Brought Me To Tears!

On their way to the seventh period, a group of five students from Harlandale High School rescued a dog from a dreadful situation. They thought they would just pet this nice dog and return to their class, but after seeing her condition, they couldn’t leave her.

It was like any other day in San Antonio, TX when these five guys found a street dog inside their school’s compound. They saw this dog basking under the hot sun. When they tried to approach her, they realized that she was in a terrible condition. And without delay, they took this dog to a local vet clinic.

After they took this dog to the vet, they found out that she was completely neglected, covered in ticks and suffering from heartworm. But, now she is slowly recovering from her previous condition.

Sometimes we just need to open our eyes wide to see and notice kind deeds happening around us.

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