She Didn’t Know She Was Being Filmed And Does THIS To An Elephant. I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

Have you ever heard an elephant falling asleep after hearing a lullaby? If not yet, then now you will be able to see that utter cuteness through this video. This beautiful video will surely make your day.

Lek is an elephant caretaker. She cleans them, gives them food and even sings them lullaby. Yes you heard me right! She actually sings a soothing song for them to fall asleep. And this video catches her singing one of her favorite lullaby for an elephant.

This elephant goes on a deep sleep as soon as she starts to sing. I have to admit, she has a beautiful and comforting voice. I would fall asleep if she was taking care of me too. But, when this elephant started to snore, I lost it. So adorable!!

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