She Broke Her Neck But Fought All The Odds And Survived. But This Was Not The End Of It..OMG!

Ponies are really amazing beautiful creatures. Even though they are usually shorter than horses, they are no doubt equal when it comes to strength. However, not even the strongest horse can survive a broken neck. What about this pony?

Bonny had a sever accident when she was young. Her doctor said that it was impossible for her to survive such an accident. Even though her neck was broken, it healed in such a way that she was still able to get around.

But unfortunately, neighborhood kids picked on her and started to throw rocks at her. She was taunted because she looked different with her crooked neck. That’s when she was rescued and moved to a beautiful sanctuary where she was safe from any harm. Now, she is really strong and healthy once again. However, her story doesn’t end right here.

Watch the video below for the beautiful surprise that Bonny brings to her rescuers. You will be delighted to see the ending of this story.

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