She Left These Orphaned Baby Bats In A Room. When She Returned, She Found Them Doing THIS!

We normally do not find people associating the words like “cute” or “adorable” with bats. But if you watch this video of orphaned baby bats, then you might just change your mind.

The Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Center has tirelessly and continuously taken care of orphaned bats until they are big enough to go to the wilds. This video was recently released by this center where they have recorded nine baby bats feeding off the bottle, playing and just chilling.

Due to the decrement of appropriate habitat and high temperatures, these bats are under high threats in Australia. Even though some centers are rescuing these bats and trying to regain their population in Australia, it is still not enough. Because of its low popularity among humans, there are less people who want to help these poor bats.

Bats are vital for Australia’s eco-system. And this organization is helping to maintain its balance.

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