He Mixed Some Peanut Butter And Condensed Milk. When You See What He Makes, You Will Want To Try Too

Everybody loves a dessert at the end of their meal. This video will show you an easy and simple way of making a delicious treat; peanut butter fudge. This guy from One Pot Chef demonstrates how you can whip up this tasty sweet to conclude your meal!

This is really easy to make. All you need are some ingredients like condensed milk, salted butter, whipping cream, vanilla extracts, and the yummy peanut butter itself. And you make this killer fudge in just one pot! You can use this peanut butter freezer fudge as a stand-alone dessert, or you can chop it up and mix it with ice-cream as well!

Watch the recipe to making this fudge in the video below and be sure to give this a try!

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