This Dog Accidentally Fell On Hot Tar. I Couldn’t Stop My Tears When I Saw What Happened Next!

There are many animal rescue videos on the internet. Some unimaginable, some emotional while some are really heroic. But this rescue video is not like something I have ever seen.

One day, when a dog was strolling around in India, he accidently fell on the hot tar. Because of the weight of the dry solid tar, this dog couldn’t move and laid on the floor like a statue. Fortunately, a passerby saw this dog and contacted Animal Aid United.

When rescuers located this dog, they immediately started to work on removing the tar from his body. They applied vegetable oil on his fur continuously. Removing the tar gave the poor dog so much pain but it was necessary to do that.

After the long struggle with the tar, these rescuers were finally able to get it all done. It took 3 hours over 2 days to get all of that tar out of his body. Fortunately by the end, the dog was able to move freely and without any pain.

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