When This Sick Toddler Wanted To Play Outside, Her Dog Does This Unbelievable Thing!

Dog has always been considered the most loyal animal and this video will let you know why! This service dog Mr. Gibbs is the perfect example of a man’s best friend. Mr. Gibbs is the reason why a sick 3 years old girl is able to have a close to normal life.

Alida was diagnosed with neuroendocrine hyperplasia of Infancy (NEHI) when she was just an infant. She is now 3 years old but he needs constant supply of oxygen by the help of oxygen tube. Even though oxygen kept her alive, she was unable to go out and play or even just a walk to the park because of the heavy equipment she always needed. That’s when Mr. Gibbs comes in.

Mr. Gibbs is a service dog who has been trained to take care of Alida. He goes everywhere she goes. He takes care of her, plays with her and carries the heavy oxygen tank.

Alida was kept alive by the oxygen, but Mr. Gibbs is helping her to live a life that a toddler really deserves. Hats off to this beautiful bond between Mr. Gibbs and Alida!

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