This Blind Pig Is Scared Of The Loud Noises. Now Watch What This Woman Does To Calm Him Down.

Music heals one’s soul. It has the capacity to calm someone miraculously. When children are scared or in pain their guardians normally sing for them and it work wonders. Music works the same with animals too.

Bentley is a 9-month-old pot-bellied pig who was rescued by EARTH Animal Sanctuary. He had a seizure which left him in a state of shock and was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. He was fatally damaged by this disease and even lost his eyesight forever. Even though he was given only 10 percent of chance to live, he fought all the odds and survived the impossible.

In this video, his rescuer is trying to calm him down at a hospital visit. He is blind so he can get easily scared when there are unknown loud noises. But, this woman soothes him with her beautiful lullaby.

Bentley is a survivor who has inspired many people including his own rescuer. I hope he gains good health and returns to his home soon.

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