This Man Saved Over 600 Children From The Nazi Rule. 50 Years Later, He Gets An Incredible Surprise!

Sir Nicholas George Winton is a British humanitarian who organized and rescued 669 children (mostly Jewish) from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War; a war that shook the world quite bad. That operation was later known as Czech Kindertransport.

This video is an excerpt from the BBC program ‘That’s Life’ which was aired in 1988. After over 50 long years of saving those innocent kids, Sir Nicholas Winton got a tearful surprise. This short but extremely touching video made me cry pretty hard. What a great man. He is a true hero!

The people in the audience turned out to be the kids that he saved. He gets teary-eyed when he knows about it and you can’t help but shed some tears along with him. Watch this moving video below!

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