He Pulled His Partner Out Of This Black Curtain. When Judges Saw What She Was Wearing, They Gasped!

Soul Mystique is the duo who was able to shake the season 6 of Australia’s Got Talent in 2012. They are famous for their “quick change” routine, which they do in quite an astonishing manner.

During the first audition of Australia’s Got Talent, the world got re-introduced to this famous duo Soul Mystique. They returned to this competition after 5 years of intensive training. They had appeared in the 1st season of Australia’s Got Talent but unfortunately couldn’t win the title. But this time they came with another bang.

With their more dominant performance, Soul Mystique was able to once again win the heart of millions of people all round the world. This particular performance is from their semi-finals. In each of their performance, there were not a single person who wasn’t amused.

Watch this duo spread their magic in the stage. Their performance is sensational!!

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