Mom Put These Toddlers On The Stage To Sing. When The Music Starts – Watch Out For The Left One!

I was browsing for Easter songs when I came across these two little toddlers singing a classic Easter hymn. I was hooked by their performance after that. I was unable to take my eyes off the video, the entire time.

When the music started, they seemed to have a little stage fright. But as soon as their mom gave them a push, they were back on the track. And when they started, I stopped everything that I was doing and got lost in their song.

After second verse the left toddler felt a little tired. That’s why he tried to sit. But as soon as he rested on the stage, his mom motioned him to stand up again. Poor boy! Until the performance was finished he wasn’t able to have rest. But, he didn’t let the exhaustion get the best of him. As soon as his part came, he sung the best he could.

What’s cuter than these two toddlers singing an Easter song?

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