When This Guy Interrupts This Tortoise and His Girlfriend, THIS Happens! OMG I Can’t Stop Laughing!

What if you suddenly stumble upon someone’s ‘private affair’? You need to ask THIS guy.

In one excursion, Paul Rose stumbles upon mating giant tortoise on Assumption Island. When the male realizes Paul’s presence, he gets angry. What does he do? He tries to chase and bite them on their legs. But… very slowly.
These mating tortoises were an interesting discovery for Paul and his team. But, what the angry tortoise did next is more awesome than the discovery itself.

This tortoise looked determined to catch Paul and punish him for his interruption. But poor tortoise! Paul managed to escape from his wrath. Well, when he couldn’t punish his enemy, this tortoise finally returned back to his girlfriend to finish what he started. And hopefully, there will soon be lots of their off springs roaming around Seychelles.

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