I Thought He Was Just Walking His Dog. When I Knew The Truth – I Couldn’t Stop My Tears!

Dogs are life-long friends. Loyal and friendly by nature their presence always makes our life beautiful. They are always ready to jump to protect their owner if they sense any danger. We also love and take care of dogs and form a good friendship with them.

This particular story is about the bond between a dog and his owner. But, this is not just a normal friendship; it is one of a kind.

Loois the pit bull became paraplegic after an accident during surgery, but his owner Craig Mosher was not going to take the easy way out. He was never going to trade anything for his precious pit bull. Craig practically re-scheduled his entire life around Loois to ensure that his pit bull would be able to continue to have as fulfilling life as possible.

Craig takes his pit bull to walk every day and in a harness which is more comfortable than a wheelchair. He also takes his dog to his garage to do some of the fruitful exercises.

What a devoted dog owner and what a lovely dog. Don’t you think so?

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