I Had No Idea Cats Yell This Way. It’s Absolutely Adorable!

This kitty is really upset over something and to show that she is yelling in a totally strange way. At first when I saw this video I doubted if it was real. The cat is yelling in such a strange way that its totally hard to believe. But it’s really adorable.

The kitty seems to be really upset over something serious and the way she is yelling is really funny. It seems like she is really furious about something. It also seems like she is shouting over the woman who is speaking in the video. The adorable kitty even sounds like she is possessed by the soul of an annoying five year old kid.

Well whatever the reason may be this video is actually funny and the adorable cat seems she is trying to say something really serious. Well she might have wanted to say stop filming me and feed me by letting me inside. What do you think?

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What do you think?